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Refrigerator Repair

Today’s Refrigerator repair demands an advanced set of skills and comprehensive understanding of advanced electrical systems. At Northern Electronic & Appliance, we train our expert technicians to ensure that we’re able to service almost any refrigerator out there.

Common Problems

No ice

If you ever run into the problem that your unit isn’t dispensing ice here are some things to check before calling for service. If your fridge has a front dispenser, please check that it is dispensing water. This will ensure your fridge is getting water and the rear water valve is functioning. If you notice the dispenser not working, either the water valve may be at fault which could be an estimated repair cost of $200-$250. If your fridge does dispense water and no ice, please reset the ice maker as all ice makers have a reset or test button located on them for customers to be able to test its functionality. If your unit doesn’t have a dispenser and your ice maker is found in the freezer, the testing procedure is the same. If the unit doesn’t activate or turn, the most likely repair would be to replace it which can range between $250-$300.

Not cool in Fridge Section

Not cooling in the fridge section can be quite troublesome but you can always try these simple steps to resolve the matter before calling for service. First, please make sure that the vents are clear from objects which can prevent poor air flow. This can also send improper readings to the temperature sensor which can prevent the main pcb from decreasing the temperature inside the fridge. Also, test the door switches by holding down the door switch while the door is open as this will engage the fan motor in back of fridge to turn on. Your fridge can only decrease the temperature while the doors are closed. If by pressing the door switch you don’t hear or feel the fan motor turning, it may require replacement at an estimated cost of $200-$300.

Not cooling in either fridge or freezer section

If you run into the problem that neither side is cooling there is a couple of tips you can try before scheduling an appointment for service. The first step is to check there is power coming to the fridge. Open the doors and check that the inside lights are working and if your fridge is equipped with a dispenser, check that the dispenser is lit up and showing a display. If not, unplug the fridge completely for a couple of minutes to allow the main board to reset itself. If you have recently had a power surge, this can help. Like any other electronic device, sometimes it needs to reboot to remove any errors than has occurred. If power doesn’t come back, the main board most likely needs to be replaced at an estimated cost of $250-$400. If your unit has power but doesn’t cool, open the freezer and check if there is excessive amount of condensation or ice built up underneath the drawer. If so, please make sure the door and seal are closely tightly to the cabinet to prevent moisture from entering the freezer. This excess of frost or ice buildup can prevent the freezer fan from circulating properly and stop cold air from being produced. Most times, the freezer needs to be defrosted to remove the ice by simply unplugging it for 6-8 hrs. Please place a towel underneath the fridge as there will be a good amount of water that will defrost and will prevent your floors from getting ruined.

Now if the fan is running inside the fridge but it is blowing warm air, the worst case scenario other than the replacement of the main board which was mentioned above can be an issue with the compressor. If you pull the fridge out and check the bottom back of the fridge you will find the compressor. Take note if there is unusual sounds or check to see if it’s running by gently touching it as there is a piston inside that runs when it’s on but be careful as it can be hot. If it’s hot, most likely the compressor has burnt out and needs replacing. This can be quite costly and you can only hope your warranty covers this extensive repair. Always refer to your owner’s manual for extended warranty coverage. The repairs vary greatly by manufacturer and is always best to contact NEAS for more information.

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